New Park Map – June 2023

The Scandinavian Heritage Association board is proud to announce the release of an updated park map for the 2023 summer season! The map is available under several pages on the site including: About > Park Map, Tour The Park > Park Map, Resources > Park Map or directly at you can also check the new map and the updated Audio Description Tour via the short link, or by calling the numbers for the attractions when you’re in the park.  A smaller sample of the map is located below.

Scandinavian Heritage Park map

Bob Whetter Picnic Shelter





Here’s more info of our new Picnic Shelter arriving in our last teaser, honoring Robert “Bob” Whetter, thanking him for his many years of service! His wife was always by his side and his daughter Wendy was a past Visit Minot Director! 📋

An excellent ambassador, he was witty and hardworking… although sometimes he misplaced his keys and even had the SHA golf cart stolen one summer by some teenagers! 🔑

However, that golf cart was often used to help less mobile people get around the Park and see the sights and sounds! ⛪️

Stay tuned for more, including a dedication ceremony that will follow after the park is officially open for the 2022 Season! 🌲 🌳

Fundraiser Launched to Preserve replica Gol Stave Church in Minot

Please join with us in making a difference! We’re raising money to benefit the Scandinavian Heritage Association Inc, a non-profit organization, to help pay for costs incurred to prep, stain and preserve the exterior surfaces and roof of the majestic Gol Stave Church, Gate House, Nordic Pavilion roof and picnic shelters. All are in need of preservative stains and sealers to maintain good condition!

Help us reach our goal of $15,000!

The iconic Stave church is a full-size replica of the Gol-Stave Church, which was moved from Gol, Hallingdal to the Folk Museum in Oslo, Norway about 100 years ago. This church has a special place of honor in the Heritage Park. The church was dedicated October 10, 2000. It is a unique and beautiful structure, readily recognized here in North Dakota and abroad and is only one of seven in the United States. It continues to be a desirable background for special photo sessions and unique advertising campaigns. The Gol Stave Church is held in high esteem as a tribute to our pioneer immigrants, and solidly stands as an inspirational vision of hope for generations to come.

The Scandinavian Heritage Park features not only the Gol Stave Church, but is also home to the oldest house in North Dakota, the Sigdal House, built in Norway about 1771, a Stabbur (a storehouse), Nordic Pavilion (a gathering space), 30 foot tall Dala Horse, authentic Finnish Sauna, Danish Windmill, Plaza Scandinavia, Heritage House a collection of artifacts, a beautiful waterfall, ponds, Scandinavian flag display, seasonal flower gardens, sculptures such as the famous Icelandic Explorer, Leif Erikson, monuments, picnic shelters, paved pathways and many inspirational settings for all to enjoy and is even a pet friendly location to take a stroll.

Whatever the season, the Scandinavian Heritage Park is a welcome setting, for all to experience and enjoy!

Your contribution is sincerely appreciated, every dollar raised will help make it possible for SHA to keep the buildings and features in this wonderful setting in good repair for all to enjoy!

GoFundMe – Online Donation page

We do accept donations/contributions by check; please mail them to:

Scandinavian Heritage Association, Inc.
PO BOX 862
Minot, ND 58702

Also, please be aware that all donations/contributions made outside the GoFundMe system will not be listed on the website.

For additional information about Scandinavian Heritage Association Inc:

Office Address:
Scandinavian Heritage Association, Inc.
1020 South Broadway, Minot ND 58702

Audio Tour Now Available!

The last working audio guide Nextar Digital MP3 Player. You can't buy these anymore!
The last working audio guide Nextar Digital MP3 Player. You can’t buy these anymore!

We are pleased to have our Vice President, Jordon Lakoduk recover the professional recordings from our old assortment of audio guides. After going through many of the older MP3 players Jordon was able to find one that still had some life left in it and recover the recordings. Jordon has made the recordings available at the bottom of each of our Tour the Park pages. Most modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi) should be able to play the recordings. We plan to once again integrate these recordings into the park in the future and make them accessible to all visitors using some new technology. Please let us know on our Facebook Page if you find these audio guides helpful or have used them in a cool way. We appreciate your continued donations to the Scandinavian Heritage Association to keep our park in pristine condition and to continue making it better each season.

We plan to provide future access to our beautiful park through technological means in the upcoming year. Stay tuned and see you in the park in 2018!


The audio player is displayed with the play button on the left side, the progress bar in the center, and total play time on the right. The volume control is also adjustable on the right. Click the play button above to start your audio tour of the park!