Scandinavian Heritage Center

A good way to start your visit to the Scandinavian Heritage Park is to stop first at the Edward T. and Leona B. Larson Visitors Center. This uniquely-styled building houses VisitMinot (formerly Minot Convention and Visitors Bureau) and its wide array of tourist information; the office of the Scandinavian Heritage Association; and a Gift Shop of Minot area souvenirs and Scandinavian-interest items and books; on the main level. The Gift Shop is a pleasant place to pause while contemplating the next place to explore.

The next lower level contains the year-around offices of the Norsk Hostfest Association, well-known as “North America’s Largest Scandinavian Festival” which is held annually each October, featuring nationally famous entertainment from U.S., Canada, and Scandinavia. Tickets are on sale each year from mid-May until Hostfest in October.

The second lower level is the home of Thor Lodge 4-067 of Sons of Norway as well as the meeting place for local Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, and Swedish societies. The Scandinavian Reference Center is also available by appointment on this level.

Handicapped-accessible restroom facilities are available. All levels may be reached by the elevator or stairs.