Flag Display

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 10.35.34 PMFlag Display is International. It was a stirring occasion on Tuesday, October 12, 1992 when the Flag Display was dedicated. Ambassadors and many other diplomats from the five Scandinavian countries were present to pay tribute to this unique park, situated near the Geographical Center of North America.

The national anthems were proudly sung as the flags of the five Scandinavian countries, Canada and the United States were raised to the top of their 30-foot-high aluminum poles. The flags fly the year around and are illuminated at night. The following descriptions are helpful in identifying the flags of these Nordic countries:

Denmark – A white cross on a red field is the simple design of the Danish national flag, known as the Dannebrog (the Spirit of Denmark), may be the oldest national flag in continuous use.

Finland – It has a light blue Scandinavian cross on a white field, symbolizing Finland’s blue lakes and white snow.

Iceland – The design of the Icelandic flag identifies it as one of the Scandinavian groups with a red cross bordered in white on a dark blue field.

Norway – The flag’s design is based on the Dannebrog – the Danish flag. The Norwegians added the blue cross to the red and white Dannebrog as a symbol of freedom.

Sweden – It is a golden yellow Scandinavian cross on a blue field derived from the ancient state coat of arms dating from 1364, which bears three golden yellow crowns on a blue field.