Sondre Norheim Eternal Flame

Eternal FlameLars Berge Haugann of Morgedal, Norway, lit the Sondre Norheim Eternal Flame burning on December 4, 1993. A flame from the fireplace of Norheim’s birthplace in Norway was transported to Minot by North Dakota Governor Edward Schafer on a Norsk Hostfest sponsored trip. Five aluminum skiis, symbolic of the five Scandinavian countries, support a World globe which represents the many contributions to the sport of skiing that Sondre Norheim gave the World.

Be sure to see the statue of Norheim near the waterfall on the the north side of the park. Also, you may purchase a copy of “Sondre Norheim, Father of Modern Skiing” at the Gift Shop in the Visitors Center.

The monument was designed by Minot artist Sheldon Larson.